Realife Intervention Solutions
Field Model of Intervention
Jane Eigner Mintz

Realife Intervention Solutions, LLC is Jane Mintz’s private practice. Jane specializes in addiction and behavioral health issues, conducting interventions and counseling those who may be suffering from these problems. Jane offers exceptional broad scope intervention, consulting, counseling, coaching and case management services to individuals and families facing addiction and health challenges. She travels worldwide and uses communication technologies to support her global clients.

The Field Model of Intervention (FMI) is a clinically based model of intervention developed Jane Mintz. The Field Model of Intervention comprehensively covers all aspects of interventions with complex addiction and behavioral health clients and their families. It is designed to train professionals to become successful interventionists. It is a 28 hr. NADAAC approved training (#735) and has an ONLINE lecture component that is separately certified by NADAAC for 7 CEU’s.

Jane mintz is a licensed, seasoned crisis intervention specialist and clinical strategist. Her international private practice is based in cleveland ohio. She offers addiction and behavioral intervention, counseling, coaching, consulting, transport, and case management services to individuals and their families. Jane recognizes that each family or individual has unique, complex and far reaching challenges that result from substance use and behavioral health disorders and can help families navigate their way through the intervention or treatment placement process. Anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring disorders are common; jane understands the gamut of circumstances surround individuals and families in crisis and will intensively to find the right strategy and services necessary to help all involved..

Jane has an extensive and positive outcome history successfully performing addiction and behavioral interventions. She is considered one of the addiction and behavioral health industries finest clinical crisis specialists and thought leaders.

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